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Main Features of eCommerce
Sell real products or e-Products
Integrated customer database that grows as customers buy or interact with your online shop
Inventory Control - Cross and upsell features
Multi-currency support - Sell Gift Vouchers
SEO integration into Google, Yahoo and Windows Live - Limitless customizing

Integrated Customer Database
Keep a history of all past customer purchases
Give loyal customers individualized discounts.
Setup reoccurring orders and payments. Automatically emails invoices to customers
Customize and extend the Customer Database to suit your business (All-in-One solution only)

Products and Catalogs
Setup unlimited Catalogs & Products - Set Release and Expiry on any Catalog or Product
Sell e-Products. Limit how many times and where they can be downloaded from
Set weight / volume for any product to control the shipping options that are displayed
In addition to the 2 default images for every product, choose up to 10 preview images for any product.
Use Buy and/or Get-a-Quote option for checkout.
Selectively hide prices. For any catalog hide product prices on the public site and display for existing customers
Configure the order in which catalogs or products are ordered (put popular products first)
Use sophisticated product search module to allow customers to search by keywords, within and choose how they want the products listed
Put any product On Sale. This crosses out the products retail price. E.g. was N199 now only N99.
Collect customer comments on any product (All-in-One solution only)
System utilizes Ajax technology for better customer experience

Easier management of your Online Shop

For faster management use Import feature to manage your entire online shop including products, pricing, inventory control.
Export your entire product catalog in one click. Make changes and re-import
Or use web-based interface to manage your online shop just like gtb market hub

eCommerce Reporting

Sophisticated e-commerce reporting framework and customer reporting framework
Track sales and payments - Track abandon rates and where customers abandon in online shop
Report on top Catalogs and Products. By amount or quantity sold
Report on Shipping Options and popularity - Report on Discount Codes and redemption
Detailed visitors reporting including new vs returning, location, IP address, Spy Lens and more
Geo-location reporting - Export any report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

Customize your Online Shop

Limitless customizing of the online shop and the checkout process
Limitless customizing of invoice / quotes emailed to customers

Inventory Control & Drop Shipping

Complete inventory control. Optionally hide products from shop if out of stock
Allow any out-of-stock product to be pre-ordered
Set re-order threshold and be notified when product stock level falls below a certain quantity
Enable drop shipping on any product and automatically notify suppliers to fulfill customer orders

Multi-Currency Support

Sell global, act local with multi-currency support - Set prices for products in any currency
Setup shipping options for various countries - Setup tax codes for various countries
Support for many payment gateways throughout the world

Upsell, Cross sell and Product Grouping

Group similar products together, e.g. By size or by color, Small Shirt, Medium Shirt, Large Shirt
Increase sales using Cross/Upsell by relating products together. E.g. relate cell phone with charger and car kit.
Display related products separately or as checkboxes so the customer can add them to cart at the same time as buying the main product

Gift Vouchers

Create any number of Gift Vouchers with any dollar value
Gift Vouchers can be redeemed to buy products in your online shop

Payment Gateways

Integrated with popular payment gateways throughout the world
Offer COD / Check options at checkout - Offer PayPal as a separate payment gateway
Integrated with World Pay for a wide range of currency support

Discount Codes

Create any number of discount codes
Set your own discount rates
Set release and expiry of discount codes

Shipping Options

Setup any number of shipping options for different countries
Set minimum and maximum weight and volume restrictions for any shipping option
Apply your tax code/rate to any shipping option
Integrated with USPS, FedEx, UPS for real-time shipping charge calculation

Tax Codes

Create any number of tax codes and rates for any country that you operate
If in country automatically apply relevant state tax rate at checkout to products and shipping charges
Apply tax codes easily to products and shipping charges