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Understanding how bulk sms reseller model works is vital to the success of the business. The basic knowledge includes understanding the huge marketing potential for bulk sms, how bulk sms reseller model works the future application of bulk sms, marketing strategies etc. Market potential of Bulk sms...

Bulk sms potential is huge – seeing that it would be bigger than the internet. According to certain report, about 64 million domain names are registered – while over 500 million domains is targeted in the next decade. But for GSM, over 3 billion of the world’s population can send or receive text messages – meaning they all have a phone.
The potential is huge and that makes if an indispensable tool for advertisement, marketing and promotion. Therefore, any organization or individual who need to advertise, market or promote products or services would likely use bulk sms – either now or in the future.

How bulk sms reseller model works
The bulk sms reseller model works in a clear and simple way. It’s a self service business. I will like to explain it with the GSM service. A customer buys a phone from a GSM operator. That makes him or her customer to that operator – and it can be for life. For that customer to keep using that phone he or she must load recharge cards. So, the operator ensures that the recharge cards are easily accessible to the customer to encourage continues use of the phone cards purchased by the customers. And the GSM operators profit comes from the recharge. As a bulks sms reseller, you are like that GSM operator. You are selling bulk sms credits. Your customers are all those who have need to advertise market and promote their services or products. You can find them anywhere around you. However, unlike the GSM operators that gave their customers phone, a bulk sms reseller gives his or her customer login details to have access to send bulk sms through a website. The more sms credits your customers buy the better your profit.

Startup Funds:
You have to make provision for funds both for what you can see and some unforeseen contingencies. Although you can start on a small scale with very little funds, but the more money you can invest the better for your bulk sms reseller business. If you don’t have enough funds, you can still start but know that it will take you more effort and time to start making good money from you effort and time to start making good money from your bulk sms business.

Fully Customizable CMS Portal
This is not a reseller turnkey website. We will design for you a fully customized portal using your content, logo, pictures as well as any color and font combination you want. You can also choose the navigational structure and layout you desire. You have access to over 2 million design possibilities, we take time to design each site separately, so no two sms portals we design will look alike.

Have Your Own Resellers
You will have your own resellers who have access to API and developer links. It can support more than 10,000 resellers under you without gateway overload. Your resellers can also have resellers under them.


We will register a top level domain name like www.yourcompanyname.com for FREE


After designing the site, we will host it for you on an unlimited hosting space for FREE for ONE YEAR. This is worth N12000. But you will get it for free.

5 Days Set Up
We will register the domain name, design the website, host it and hand it over to you in 5 Working Days after your order. It could be less. Our team is made up of professionals who work together round the clock to ensure that this deadline is met. So your website will be up and running in 5 Days time... so you can start making money right away


We don't just setup sites and go. We will always be available for support in case you have any technical issue to be resolved.

You will get everything (Design + Hosting + Domain Registration)

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