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We are glad to present Nigerians the voice broadcasting services that will help you to send calls to multiple users through voice sms. The VOICESMS portal that works! The VERY BEST in Nigeria today and yet the cheapest!!

What is Voicesms?

Voice sms or Robo calls are pre-recorded audios which are sent to any mobile or landline numbers across the world. The audio which you will be sending as voice sms is fully customizable.

Are you a Pastor? Do you want to bless or pray for people without calling their numbers using your mobile network provider? Do you want to welcome new comers to your church in a personalized way?

Are you a Politician? Do you want to talk to people and deliver your message personally? Do you want people to have a personalised contact with you by talking to them over the phone?

Do you have a product or service or an event you want people to hear about not only read about?

We have what you need! Our Voice sms service allows you to send out pre-recorded voice messages to any number of mobile phone and land line numbers you want.

This communication technique has the advantage of being the most penetrative way of reaching a large audience with your personalized messages in any language.



Quantity Amount in Naira Duration
1unit N15 30seconds


This means that with 15 Naira you send a voice sms of 30seconds duration.

You can however send calls of more than 30secs,you will be charged accordingly every second.


  1. 1. Please note that there is a 7.5% processing fee which you must incLude with every payment
  2. 2. Minimum Quantity of purchase is  500 units = N7,500  plus 7.5% = N 8,063
  3. 3. Make payment to the bank through any of the listed bank accounts (GTB OR Diamond Bank).
  4. 4. Please request for test credit by emailing info{@}mysmspoint.com once your account is verified, please remember to include your username in the email request.

Please create your account by clicking on the REGISTER button below, You will receive account details for payment once your place an order.